NRS Numenera

1. The Hungry

"The desire to live outweighs morality."

The group destroys a field of dead plants with foul smelling shriveled fruit. They find a dead shriveled man with a metal pendant, etched with a poem.

Continuing on the blue lit path leads to the small town of Gef. Speaking with the leader, Relshay they find out that their “stock” is dying. He’s happy to hear that they will help find the source of a life draining light. A small skinny boy named Relshay agrees to show the way.

The town was built on the remnants of a much larger city. Large square pits pockmark the land. A large monolithic being floats and watches. It talks in cryptic messages when approached. Relshay is grabbed by several Murden in a large yelllow bubble. The group kills one of the Murden and the rest take off. The bubble is stickier than expected; Rashad and Esmerelda are affixed and float out above a pit. They’re rescued after quite some effort.

The large Brass Tower is in the middle of a gigantic concave pit. An odd pink creature opens it’s body revealing a fluid filled tunnel to the bottom. Some of the group blasts it’s way out killing the creature.

The Tower’s door is a puzzle of colors that’s quickly figured out.



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